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Dr. Vinney Williams serves as the Director of Supportive School Climate for the Barstow Unified School District. As Director, he oversees key elements of the District’s operational activities and is responsible for matters of school, family & community engagement. 

Dr. Williams, a BHS graduate, was first hired by BUSD in 2002. He has experience as a math and visual arts teacher at Barstow High School. He has administrative experience at the school site and district level, most recently as the Principal of Barstow STEM Academy. Dr. Williams is happy to serve in the school district where his own children attend and where his parents and grandparents are alumni. 

Dr. Williams works closely with all district and school leaders on all school functions including organizing cultural activities, safety procedures, restorative justice practices, and school-wide PBIS with data-driven results. He works with the school principals and school staff to ensure all school operations, policies and practices are implemented prioritizing meeting needs based on culture, diversity and backgrounds, and experiences of school students and families.

If you have any questions or need additional help you can contact him at 760-255-6007 or by email at