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The purpose of the goals listed is to establish a set of activities that will guide our district in my role as the Superintendent.

These Goals & Objectives will enable me to continue to build key community and organizational relationships; build upon organizational strengths & weaknesses; identify critical concerns related to our district’s core values; expand upon our network of contacts and resources that will assist in the work of improving Barstow Unified School District.

Please note that the goals are not listed in order of priority as each goal is highly important to the long-term success and support of our students and educators. Each goal lays out specific objectives to support the intended successful outcome of each goal listed.

The set of activities and their primary purpose are as follows:

Board of Education
Purpose: Build upon a strong team-oriented working relationship with each individual Board member and the Board as a whole.

District & Site Administrators
Purpose: Continue to build on the relationships with key personnel inside the District to assess the strengths and needs of the leadership team.

Instructional & Support Staff
Purpose: Continue to develop the collaborative relationships in place with each of the associations and groups of employees Community Leadership Purpose: Build upon relationships with leaders of the community and local businesses to build support and keep lines of communication open